Family Law & Divorce

Let HPPS Help You Make the Right Decision About Your Divorce:

Divorce and Family Law

Family issues, like divorce, are always difficult and stressful to deal with, leaving many wondering how to begin. Going to divorce or family court without an attorney rarely works out how you hope. In these moments of uncertainty our attorneys at HPPS will use their legal skill and experience to manage your case and achieve a constructive outcome. That’s why it’s important to hire the right attorney as soon as the divorce process starts, to save you time, headache, and money.
At HPPS, we have a long history of success. Our firm has a solid reputation in divorce, child custody, and family law earned over more than 61 years in business. We will represent you diligently and we always have your best interest in mind. Whether your divorce or family law needs are in Alabama or Georgia our attorneys have handled some of the most complicated cases that you can imagine. We understand how intimate and emotional these situations can be. In these difficult times our ability to listen combined with our legal skill delivers what our clients truly need.

Skilled, Professional, and Courteous

Our skilled attorneys have the professional courtesy and understanding to listen to your case completely and consider your situation without passing judgment. We do this to ensure that every aspect of your case is examined. If there are issues that have been previously overlooked or legal obligations that should be explained or explored, we’ll do it. Our attorneys and staff have the information needed to answer your questions and concerns during these difficult times.

The areas of law that we handle associated with family and divorce law are numerous:

  • Adoption cases in Alabama or Georgia (adoptive placements, private or agency, open or closed, domestic, interstate, and international cases)
  • Alimony cases in Columbus and Fort Benning, GA & Phenix City and Opelika, Alabama
  • Alabama and Georgia child custody cases
  • Georgia and Alabama child support modifications
  • Child visitation cases
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Divorces in Alabama & Georgia
  • Military- Family Law and divorce cases
  • Uncontested divorce cases
  • Family violence or domestic abuse protective order actions
  • Same-sex partnerships or divorce
  • Paternity and legitimation actions in Georgia and Alabama

Why You Need a Qualified Attorney for Your Divorce or Your Family’s Case

Many individuals are inclined to avoid hiring an attorney, and choose instead to file for divorce on their own. While these options may work for some, there are many risks in representing yourself:

You don’t understand all of the laws that HPPS lawyers do. Georgia and Alabama law can be complicated. We make sure that you receive everything that you deserve during your divorce. Our family law attorneys have the knowledge, experience and skill to handle your case.

Divorces are extremely stressful. The changes inherent in any divorce or family law case can be overwhelming. The assistance of an attorney removes the stress of legal jargon and procedure. You can have peace of mind that your case is being handled by our experienced family law attorneys.

HPPS attorneys are detail oriented. Not only is the law complicated, it’s easy to forget issues such as debit cards, credit cards, medical bills, or other assets in the heat of the moment. Hiring our team ensures that your case gets handled properly to avoid mistakes you could regret.

Our attorneys ensure clear and binding agreements. If you handle a divorce yourself, courts sometimes have a hard time understanding each party’s intention. HPPS prepares, reviews and files all the paperwork, and presents the necessary legal documents for you, stating your wishes clearly in a way that makes following the legally binding terms of a divorce easy.

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** The information above is our opinion and may include a general summary of the law at the time this text was prepared. Any general summary is subject to change as laws change and as laws are interpreted by the courts. You should not rely on these opinions or consider this summary to be legal advice. You should always consult a properly licensed lawyer for legal advice and service. We look forward to serving you in Georgia, Alabama, and in federal courts throughout the United States.