Meet Seth HarpSeth-Harp-at-GAGOP-Convention

Harp, Poydasheff, Post, and Sowers welcome you to our site! Meet Seth Harp, senior partner, attorney and previous state senator for the 29th District of Georgia. Currently, Mr. Harp serves as of counsel for the firm and contributes a plethora of experience and knowledge to our clients, partners, and associates.

Originally of Arkansas, Harp uprooted his “Southern” roots with his family in his teenage years and set up camp in New Jersey, just 30 miles from Philadelphia. This environment was exponentially different from the small town life he was familiar with back home, however, this experience paved the way for a few life changing events. During his time in New Jersey, Seth found himself immersed in American history. Just a hop, skip, and jump away from pivotal locations such as Independence Hall, Independence Square, and Valley Forge, Harp was able to cultivate and expand his knowledge and love for all things historical. Following the expectations of his family, Harp enrolled in Auburn University’s pharmacy program where he was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: a military-funded scholarship that would result in a drastic career change in later years. Upon completion of his Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy, Harp suited up as a member of the United States Marine Corps and set off on his first tour to Vietnam. In addition to this, Harp was given the position of briefing officer which he feels brutally prepared him for his career in law.

Shortly following his return, Harp and his new fiancé, Linda, were faced with the dilemma of a second tour to Vietnam with a slim chance of survival. Fortunately, Harp was offered a spur of the moment admission into the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University where he went on to obtain his Juris Doctorate.

During his career, Seth has practiced both civilian and military law, however, his heart lies with family law. Over the years, Harp witnessed instances within law and practice of law that he disagreed with. His aggressive military background and pursuit of justice allowed him to truly leave his mark on the area of practice by challenging and overturning laws, modifying statutes, and creating and implementing child support laws in Georgia. One of his favorite aspects of the job is his ability to step into a courtroom, see the different perspectives within the case, and argue his client’s point against the opposing attorney. Harp’s philosophy is to serve everyone by helping both parties through what is found to be an extremely difficult time of transition to ultimately recapture their lives. Despite this philosophy, Harp states that his first and foremost concern remains the affected children above all else.

Among his many accomplishments are: founding member of the Georgia American Academy of Matrimonial Law, listed winner of Best Lawyers in America, chairman of the Higher Education Committee, and vice chairman of the Judiciary Committee with both of the latter being during his tenure as state Senator.

Now that Seth has retired from full-time practice, he has found that though he will always have a place in his heart for family law, his new love is spending time with his wife Linda, their grandchildren and being able to sleep in late at times. He and his wife, Linda, also have two children who they enjoy spending time with. Both also enjoy organic gardening and traveling to new places. An upcoming trip to Germany is in the couple’s future to tour via a Viking River Cruise. Harp still seeks to expand his knowledge of American history by visiting sites of battle and watching documentaries on public television.

Harp remains a member of Wynnton United Methodist Church, his local Kiwanis club, as well as maintaining a seat on the board of directors for the Georgia Independent Colleges Foundation. Seth also remains an active alumni of both Mercer University and Auburn University. He leaves those interested in pursuing a career in law with this piece of advice: Do not take risks that push against the ethical walls of the law in order to satisfy debts obtained from law school.